Common mistakes when declaring taxes

We commented in the previous post, some of the mistakes that spanish solicitors notice on their customers when they make the statement. Today we decided to expand a little information, because as the days go by tax lawyer in Spain note that their customers continue making mistakes and they do not want to accept the reality and seriousness of them.

Such as one case that is being repeated is the performance of the work, which should be done two tests, first over revenues that may exist and are not reflected in the draft, for example for returnees pensioners , who charge foreign social security or the case of domestic workers. And secondly a number of expenses incurred by the work performance of each person. For each of these options it is best to consult the concerned tax lawyer in Spain, because it is a subject, not easy to address.

For homeowners or local, to run with the bad luck of not having them rented, this generates something called imputation of real estate income, is a topic somewhat complex where they need advice of spanish solicitors in the matter, Similarly they are advised taxpayers that generate capital gains, make donations and possess some type of pension plan.

With this, what we want to achieve is to prevent taxpayers make mistakes in the draft and not rush accepting the need for money; It is preferable to pay a tax lawyer in Spain advise him to avoid future problems with treasury, because most of you get it to return money and treasury at the end crosses all data and which has made a mistake, it can be punished with fines or in cases of major fraud to imprisonment.

As you know, hacienda does not wait or forgive anyone and you always have to be prepared for this, and that better than the help in advice of lawyers specialized in the area. It is always better to prevent than to be regretting for not having done so, and is that with the correct advice can avoid future penalties that can come as a surprise and at the same time and also very important, is to avoid fraud, to the final hacienda he realizes everything.